Familienverband der Hoffmann aus Sangerhausen e.V.

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  • Current books about the Hoffmann family from the Baltic States

    The book entitled “Nachfahren” lists around 2,500 Hoffmann descendants with their dates and around 1,500 portrait photos. The initial persons are Peter Johann Hoffmann (“Papachen” – 1790-1848) and Anna Wilhelmine Friederike Assmuth, married name Hoffmann (“Mamachen” – 1789-1870). The book is based on the genealogical research and personal collections of Elisabeth Hoffmann, Olaf Welding, Dr Kurt Ferdinand Hoffmann, Edith Hoffmann and Birgit Gerhard, born Hoffmann.
    A brief presentation of the Hoffmann ancestors from “Papachen” onwards goes back to the year 1540.
    At the end of the book, all known Hoffmann descendants are listed alphabetically with their family tree numbers.


    The book, published in 2012, has a very solid design in A4 landscape format with a cardboard cover and comprises 176 pages. However, it is not publicly available. Following a decision by the members meeting, this book will only be given to family members because of the personal data it contains!

    The second volume, entitled “Wege und Schicksale” (Paths and Fates), contains many texts and photos from the Hoffmann extended family. The selection of these texts is based on Aunt Edith Hoffmann’s books, which are now completely sold out, as well as on many previously unpublished diary extracts, letters, descriptions and biographies. The editors have taken care to ensure that these subjective texts reflect European – and here in particular Baltic – history and the particular ways of life of the Baltic Germans over 150 years – i.e. life in the Hoffmann families in the 19th century. The book is extensively illustrated with around 400 pictures.


    This 2nd volume of the new Hoffmann books corresponds to volume 1 in terms of appearance and design; it comprises 296 pages.

    In this context, remaining copies are available for sale:
    Olaf Welding, Beitrag zur Geschichte der Familie Hoffmann in Thüringen und Estland
    Year of publication 1966, 318 pages + appendix: Illustrations and unfoldable family trees, thread stitching, cloth binding, wrapped in silk paper.

    Enquiries and orders at: bir-gerhard[at]t-online.de